Walkin' Johnny Poster Pic

Red River Wine & Beer Festival Welcomes

Walkin’ Johnny

Walkin’ Johnny’s groove on Country, Roots Rock, and Americana music has real stories, infectious hooks, harmonies, chicken-pickin licks, and an engaging live performance that they have cultivated from touring Texas and Oklahoma. Walkin’ Johnny has been working hard by playing locally and regionally to grow their fan base and gain experience out on the road.

They have shared the stage with Cody Canada and The Departed, Statesboro Revue, and Judson Cole Band just to name a few and have played for Fort Worth’s Forth of July Festival and competed in 95.9 The Ranch’s “Ranch Factor.” Every venue and and every song is played with full commitment and passion as they keep working their way through the ranks of the Texas/Oklahoma scene.

The group has just released their EP titled “A Little Messed Up.” The record comes from living in the moment and realizing that life is not always going to be the picture perfect/ cookie cutter dream that everybody expects. Life is grinding and peaceful. It’s joyous and heartbreaking. It’s perfect, but a little messed up and that’s what makes it unique and special to the individual.

“We just want to make honest, good music, that creates emotion and makes people dance for an hour or two.”